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Linear Notify is the new top group choosen by many top botters and resellers.


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How It Works


First simply sign up for a membership with the link at the top of this page.

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Once you've joined simple take advantage of all our useful guides to get started.


After you've read and watched our useful guides simply utilize the information we provide and you'll profit!


Blazing Fast Monitors Never miss a restock or shock drop again. Linear Notify offers a collection of top-quality monitors for the most coveted websites, including Nike, Adidas, Supreme, Footsites, Off-White, Hibbett, over 100 Shopify sites and much more. We are constantly expanding the sites we monitor.
Dedicated Support Team Get the help you need, whenever you need. Whether you are just starting out or are an experienced reseller, Linear Notify staff will make sure you are prepared for any drop with 24/7 assistance tailored to you via our ticket support system. Members also have access to release guides, sitelists, resell predictions and video tutorials.
Top Tier Groupbuys Upgrade your arsenal. Linear Notify's relationships with the most prestigious sneaker-related businesses gives members the chance to access some of the most limited and desirable tools to assist your reselling, through frequent bot and proxy groupbuys.
Exclusive Information Be prepared for every release. Linear Notify's exclusive information and early links are unparalleled. We are renowned for our insider knowledge on Nike SNKRS, Kith, Footsites, and in-store drops in major cities.
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Wrath AIO Wrath AIO is undoubtedly one of the best and most coveted bots on the market. Every week, multiple Linear Notify members are selected to run a free weekly copy and try out Wrath AIO on drops.
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MEK Robotics Linear Notify is partnered with MEK Preme, a Supreme bot which continues to dominate each season. This entitles us to receive seasonal groupbuys with them.
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Prism Linear Notify has access to frequent groupbuys with Prism, a top AIO bot which covers Shopify, Yeezy Supply, Supreme and much more.
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Leaf Proxies
Zenu Proxies


This groups early links are the best. Legit giveaways, also ready for all the new drops. Cant wait to keep cooking up!


This group is amazing, especially for tips and the upcoming sneaker news. They provide so much help and the community is very chill. Definitely would recommend, 10/10


Before I joined I didn’t have the much experience in botting and I barely hit, thanks to Linear Notify I have learned so many things and a lot of people I’ve met I'm really good friends.



Do I need experience to join? Short answer, no. Our group is for anybody! From beginners to pros who hit hundred clips on all releases.
When will you restock? We will tweet restocks on our Twitter so make sure to follow us! If you have a friend in the group they can refer you by filling out a form.
What countries do you support? We are currently built for the United States only but plan do expand in the future to support Europe.
How much does it cost? Linear Notify is $20 a month.

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